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Enjoy fun and thrilling excursions during your stay with us. There are plenty of adventures that you could explore and create amazing memories.

Manta Ray Snorkeling

Manta Rays can be found all along the western side of the atoll, feeding in bays and deep lagoons off the islands. Attracted by the large amounts of plankton (small marine organisms), every year hundreds of Mantas visit the warm waters around Ukulhas Island.

Sports Fishing

There is no better island than Ukulhas in North Ari Atoll to experience a fishing expedition. Whether you are a novice or a hardcore fishing enthusiast - you will find all you need in your fishing adventure with us. Starting from Jigging, popping and more sports fishing adventure to explore.

Sandbank Trips

The tour takes you to one of the sandbanks (location depends on the tide and visibility of the sandbank), where the real excitement begins. A trip to a rich and abundant reef is also included in the sandbank tour with complimentary snorkelling equipment.

Cruise on our speed boats to the astonishing white sparkles on the horizon. Make a lifetime of exciting memories whilst snorkelling on a rich and abundant reef and on these beautiful white sandbanks.

With your loved ones, make it a must to stand with your bare feet where the tides sweep the crystal sands right under your feet.

Picnic Island Trips

This is your chance to experience a Castaway Picnic on a private uninhabited island. Enjoy mesmerizing snorkeling experience and also relax yourself on the white sand beaches. 

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