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Nala Veli Maldives

About Us

Discover Our Island Oasis

Welcome to Nala Veli Maldives, where beauty meets sands and tranquility embraces adventure. Our brand name echoes the essence of our paradise: “Nala”, signifying beauty, and “Veli”, representing the sun-kissed sands of Ukulhas Island.

Our Two Distinct Properties


Your Family-Friendly Retreat

Nestled on the ground floor, our Nala Veli Villa is an exclusive haven for small groups and families. With six thoughtfully designed rooms, we offer personalized comfort and a warm welcome. Here, simplicity meets elegance, and every guest becomes part of our island family.

Where Waves Beckon

Just a minute’s stroll from the pristine beach of Ukulhas Island, our Nala Veli Beach & Spa awaits. Seventeen rooms, ranging from Comfort Rooms to Superior Deluxe Balcony Rooms, invite you to unwind. Whether you choose the ground floor or the first floor, ocean breezes and island serenity are your constant companions.


Holistic Wellness at Nala Spa

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Thai & Indonesian Massages

Our Nala Spa offers a harmonious fusion of ancient healing traditions. Let skilled hands transport you to a realm of relaxation. Feel tension melt away as you experience the artistry of Thai and Indonesian massages.

Image by Adrian Motroc

Wellness Packages

Dive deeper into well-being with our curated wellness packages. From rejuvenating facials to invigorating body scrubs, we tailor experiences that nurture mind, body, and spirit.

Culinary Delights at Nala Bistro

International & Asian Flavors

Nala Bistro is more than a restaurant—it’s a culinary voyage. Our menu celebrates both international and Asian cuisines. From sizzling steaks to fragrant curries, every dish tells a story. And our specialty? Fresh seafood, straight from the azure waters that surround us.

Ocean Views & Sunset Sips

Dine by the shore, toes in the sand. As the sun paints the sky, sip handcrafted cocktails and toast to life’s simple pleasures. At Nala Bistro, every meal is an occasion.


Adventure Awaits with Nala Expedition

Explore the Maldives: Our Nala Expedition

team curates unforgettable adventures. Snorkel with turtles, sail into the sunset, or dive beneath the waves. Let the Maldives reveal its secrets.

Our Commitment

Warm Hospitality

Behind every door, you’ll find our passionate team—the heart of Nala Veli. We’re more than hosts; we’re storytellers, weaving memories for our guests.


We tread lightly on our sands, preserving the fragile ecosystem that surrounds us. Our commitment to sustainability shapes every decision we make.

Book Your Maldivian Journey

Escape to Nala Veli Maldives—a place where beauty whispers through the palms, sands cradle your dreams, and adventure awaits. Let the Maldives be your canvas, and Nala Veli your brushstroke of bliss.

Welcome to our island family. Let’s create memories that shimmer like the ocean at sunrise.

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